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Author Topic: Mexallon falling - pt 2  (Read 4419 times)

Callista Dalmore

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Mexallon falling - pt 2
« on: November 10, 2013, 10:05:30 AM »

Bei system falls to Sansha Nation; Gallente federation nervous about the fate of Colelie
COLELIE – Fighting as intensified in the embattled Minmatar system of Bei.  Multiple sorties spear headed by joint Gallente-Minmatar and increasingly, mercenary forces, have had some results but today they were forced to retreat into nearby systems.  Bei has thus been the latest casualty in what some are calling the stongest Sansha Nation incursion to date.

“I don’t care if you have to get down there and build them yourself, Vince, fill that order by end of day or you can kiss your bonus and pretty much all future business from me, a-bye-bye.  What?  You kiss your mother with that mouth?  Whatever, Vince, just make it happen.”

Johnny had been on comms now for practically 17 hours straight.  As soon as the messenger had left his room, he’d recognized the isk making machine he’d been presented with and wasted no time in making sure he got every last cent out of it.  The room had been cleaned up the previous day but the piles of bottles were slowly being replaced by discarded cups of soycaf and stacks of Quafe cans.  Some room service trays also lay discarded on various surfaces throughout the suite.  The stale smell of drying food and cold caf permeated the room.

Not having an office in Jita meant he’d had to set up shop in the suite so he’d paid to maximize the bandwidth to his room had a proper comms relay installed.  He’d since been using every last bit of it, calling contacts and running market schemes to amass the materials for another shipment to the General.  He checked his projected earnings.  Yep, still through the roof.

His strategy had been simple, charter the biggest freighter he could, grab everything on the list within his 17%  margin from here in Jita to Hek.and sell it all once there.  Bring the minerals back to Jita.  If he timed it right he could probably do it twice so he reserved another freighter to depart in two days time. Two days was tight but a proper pilot could do it, including all the stops it would do along the way.

Which was the other part of the strategy; to complement the Jita bought material, he was also working all systems five jumps local to the Jita-Hek route his freighter was following.  That way he was able to funnel all the way down.  He’d set up several call automatons to take care of the branch feeding and was currently working all the way at the end, on Hek local.  There he’d been pulling strings and calling in favors.  His outstanding contracts were nearing his licensed maximum.  His account balance was dipping to depths he hadn’t seen in years.

But his luck seemed truly bottomless. Obviously he wasn’t the only one who wanted in on the profits wars generated.  The markets were just filling up as the lure of easy isk brought everyone to the table.   Speculators decided to clear out their hangars.   Industrialists kicked their factories into high gear.  Salvagers, some legit, most less-so, brought their refurbished ("But factory tested and 100% certified!") equipment in from the deepest reaches of cold hard vacuum. And as each of these sources brought their wares to market they brought them closer and closer to where the demand was.  Hek was flooded with gear and inevitably, even though the demand was high, the supply kept the prices low and even falling. 

Soon, Johnny had abandoned the feeder routes along the way and just concentrated on the market in Hek.  Nicky could just keep up with the orders being filled and routing everything to their corporate hangars.

"No, Nicky, I really don't care.  Had they come off a bus-load of frikken SOE nuns, I wouldn't care.  No load the plates in the armor crates and I don't want to hear anymore of this shit.  It's a fucking war Nicky and if we're selling Republic gear back to them then great, we double our take. No, I gotta go.  Don`t forget to pay the deck crew, yeah.  No, give ‘em all the bonus.  Yes, all of them.  Ok. Ok. No, gotta go. Ok, bye."

He rubbed his eyes. Another call came in. He shook two reds out of their bottle and washed them down with a now flat Quafe. He took the call, "Hey big D!  How you doing?  Yeah I am playing hard this time.  Yeah, I know.  You get that load of ammo you were yapping about?  Excellent! Yes, yes. It`s all in the contract, yep.  What?  Ah no, no, I`m not in the market for refugees.  What the hell do you think I am?  Oh.  Ah.  How much?  No way.  Ok, yeah, I know this Amarrian.  Yeah.  Ok, what was the price?  Knock off five points and I'm in. Yeah.  No, no thank you!"

They did make habitation modules for freighters now didn't they?

Minmatar Republic facing siege in Ongund; death toll rising

MOLDEN HEATH – The Tribal Assembly has released a press statement in regards to the escalating conflict in Ongund.  Republic forces have engaged in ground and space combat operations with the Sansha Nation.   Despite their combined efforts  Bei and Eust and Evuldgenzo, all adjacent systems to Ongund, have fallen.   They also report that surveillance has confirmed the rumors that several installations have appeared around Eust V, home to some 350 million citizens.  They believe that these installations are True Creation research centers suspected to be chiefly responsible for the re-cloning and implantation of abducted planetside civilians.

"Yeah it arrived, they are off loading it now," continued Nickey. 

"Ok, excellent.  And the payment is all there?" asked Johnny.

"Yeah, all of it.  I've actually got the offloading crew to start loading that right away so we can reduce the time we can send her back your way." said Nickey, but continued, "Those mercs you got arrived and are overseeing the whole thing and I gotta say, I am glad you did, there have been all kinds of Republic military goons around the station.  There's talk that they've started shaking the smaller players down.  It's getting  crazy scary around here.

"Good, yeah, I figured, if they were that desperate with the deal they gave me they'd be exploring other options at the same time. Now, don't you worry, these guys are excellent.  They handled security for a friend of mine when all that nonsense in Jita was happening" reassured Johnny.

That seemed to mollify Nicky a little. "Yeah, well, good 'cause apparently the fighting has intensified and that it isn't going well. They are really hurting for gear."

Music to my ears thought Johnny.

"Well they are about to get nine hundred cubic meters of it so that should help them, no?"

"Yeah, I guess," agreed Nickey.

"Ok, hold in there Nickey, you hear me?  You see the bonus I put in your account?  Good.  Ok, gotta go, the General has offered to extend his deal another four days.  As soon as those materials sell we'll be doing it all again!" Johnny beamed.

Heavy losses in Ongund; Republic pleads for equipment
HEK – Reports have started surfacing that in spite of the Minmatar Republic’s war coffers and local industy, critical supplies have been running low.  Aside from such staples as food and medicine, shortages have been reported for military equipment such as combat ships and weapons.  Core Complexion and Freedom extension have both issued statements that new equipment was being manufactured as quickly as possible.

The materials did sell.

And they did do it again.


Eust, Bei liberated, celebrations
MOLDEN HEATH – After weeks of what some are calling ‘The conversion war’, hope has come to the besieged Minmatar Republic.  Sansha Nation forces were finally repulsed from Eust and Bei after having sustained heavy losses.  In one battle, the Sansha Flagship ‘We are one’ was destroyed when a flotilla composed almost entirely of mercenary capsuleers engaged it near the Freedom Extension Storage facility orbiting the seventh planet of the Bei system.

"Hello Mr. General, Ser, It`s Johnny, this is my second message, if I don`t hear from you I am going to assume that our arrangement has ended and that you will contact me if you need to." Smiling he added, "and as much as I found Christine charming; please just call next time.  Ok, thank you.  Good bye."

Johnny hung up and looked around the hotel room that had become his home for the past month.  It looked terrific since he'd paid for regular cleaning and were on their best behaviour as his largess in tipping became known.

The war had finally wound down a couple of days ago after Minmatar calls for help were answered by Gallente forces. He figured that was the death knoll of his gravy train and so wasn`t surprised when Mr. General, as he`d started calling him, hadn`t returned his calls.

He called up his balance sheet and marvelled at it as if it were a masterpiece.

Victory, but questions remain
ONGUND – It has been two weeks now that the last of the Sansha forces invading the Ongund system have been destroyed but now analysts have begun reporting their findings and several hard questions remain to be answered.  According to one internal Republic Military investigative team, the main question remains, “Where was the equipment?”

It has been well documented that republic forces, after sustaining heavy losses in the the opening days of the war with the Sansha Nation, had great difficulty reequipping.  Shortages of all kinds were felt and all this in spite of, now that shipping manifests from the war have been released, indications that there should have been sufficient, and in the words of one military aide, ‘copius numbers of frigate, and cruiser sized ships as well as all the necessary systems to make them operation ready.’

This man, Nicky Garrult, [picture] is now wanted for questioning by Republic authorities.  It has been alleged that he personally received vast quantities of military equipment in the Boundless Creation station in Hek but that none of that equipment ever made it to the front lines. Instead it had been shipped to several planet-based reprocessing facilities which, at the time had been under Sancha control.  Furthermore, recently obtained documents show that he also shipped large amounts of minerals out of Hek to such systems as Botane and Jita.

If charged with aiding the enemy, he might face the death penalty.

He switched off the vid in his opulently furnished Détente Suites room and shook his head.

“Don, darling, come back to bed, it’s cold without you.”

He looked at the pretty girl tousled up in the red synthsilk sheets and thought, “If I’m Don, this must be Dodixie.”

Now, how was mexallon doing.

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