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Author Topic: A little fan fiction  (Read 4348 times)

Jaakran Sen

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A little fan fiction
« on: February 22, 2013, 12:29:31 PM »

So this is half a story, I'm having trouble finishing , but I thought I share.  It's not Eve its Star Wars set in the Old Republic Era.

But anyway enjoy. Too big for one post so had to split it up.

The Rogue's Road

More than one head turned as the large twi'lek moved with purpose through the crowded landing bay.  Not so much that twi'lek's were unusual, but this one stood out more than most.  A lethan his deep red skin held a golden sheen that was rarer still than his breed of twi'lek, and at nearly seven feet tall, topping over three hundred pounds; that was a lot of red.  His chiseled features just a bit distorted by the scarring over the right side of his face gave him a sinister appearance as he chewed on the end of his gabaki cigar.  Most would have taken him as a spacer much older than his true age, which suited Car'tulak just fine; he'd had more than enough of being called "kid" and was glad to leave that aspect of his life behind.
The landing bay of the asteroid colony was as busy as some space ports, filled with people and cargo moving on to their respective destinations.  Outpost 27A was actually only one of six remaining ancient stations built a millennium ago to exploit the resources in the dust disk around the system's white dwarf star.  Over time many of the rumored dozens of stations that once orbited the star fell into decay, eventually being pulled in and added to the debris of the dust ring or falling directly into the start itself.  Whoever built them, whatever their original purpose, the business here now was salvaging the remains of the other five massive crumbling stations and the debris that was scattered about the dust ring.  Well it wasn't the only business; with people earning credits came other pursuits, gambling, prostitution, and the drug trade.  Being far off the beaten path and mostly ignored by both the Republic and the Sith Empire Outpost 27A was also a haven for those who just didn't want to be found.  It was the last point and the gambling that had drawn the lethan smuggler here.

Leaning on a railing overlooking the far side of the massive shipping bay where the smaller incoming ships were landing, Car'tulak lit another gabaki cigar.  Inhaling deeply he exhaled the sweet smelling smoke slowly out through his nose savoring the burning sensation.  It was a bad habit, like many other things he always imagined he'd quit some day, but not today.  Looking down he glared once more at the crumbled plasti sheet in his left hand, smoothing it out with the ball of his right on the railing.

Outpost 27A – Sabacc Tournament
Grand Prize – Corellian XS Freighter "Gambler's Folly" with Mystery Cargo!!
Tomorrow: Rusty Rivet Cantina Level C
Entry Fee:  5000 credits!

The Gambler's Folly, his father's ship, Car'tulak wasn't sure how it ended up in this backwater hell hole, or what could have cause his father to part with it.  His father had been missing for eight years now.  Most believed the unreliable and often unscrupulous gambler had simply decided to cut and run.  Car'tulak could never believe that.  Despite his father's flaws, and frequent absence, he knew his father would have never left without telling him why.  They'd had an honest if not close relationship.  The man who'd sired him was more interested in being friends than taking the 'father' responsibility.  But Car'tulak knew he cared, and refused to accept that he'd disappeared himself.
The lethan suddenly stiffened, cigar tucked in the corner of his mouth he sniffed at the air, moving a step back from the railing.  Crumbling up the flier and shoving it in a pocket his hand came to rest on one of his holstered custom blasters, the other taking the cigar from his mouth as he sniff at the air again.  With a fluid quickness most would have not expected from a being his side Car'tulak drew with his left hand as he spun around to face the now startled Gamorrean.   The porcine humanoid froze in place blinking at the lethan smuggler, the gamorrean's own blaster still firmly holster his chubby hand having barely closed around the grip.  For a long moment they stared at one another, a broad grin swept across the lethan's face and the gamorrean chuckled.

"Charvt!  You're getting slow old man." Car'tulak teased as he holstered his weapon then moved to embrace his friend.

"It's that damn twi'lek nose of yours, I swear you could smell a nunta from two parsecs over," the familiar gravelly voice rumbled.  The portly Gamorrean returned the lethan's embrace grinning broadly. While Car could understand his friend's native tongue, he'd never managed to learn to speak the language.

"Maybe if you didn't reek of cheap brandy and gabaki you'd actually be able to sneak up on someone." They both laughed and Charvt winked.

"Speaking of which, you got a spare one of those for your Uncle Char?" The Gamorrean nodded in the direction of the gabaki cigar.

Car'tulak smirked as he pulled the case of them out of his jacket offering one and lighting it with the heat pad on the case before relaxing back against the railing. Charvt had been one of Car'tulak's father's oldest friends, if men like them ever had real friends.  The Gamorrean had much of a hand in his upbringing.  A bouncer at the club where Car'tulak's actual Aunt Semria worked Charvt was more of a father figure than his own actual father had ever been, just as Aunt Semria was more his mother than the woman who gave birth to him then dumped him on his unprepared rogue of a father.  Charvt took a couple long draws off his cigar smiling, for a while they both simply enjoyed the sweet burning gabaki smoke before speaking again

"You can't just storm in there and start demanding answers, you'll just get yourself killed Car," The Gamorrean rumbled.  Charvt had never been one to shy from a fight, but he was right this was suicide.

"I know, but what am I suppose to do?  I don't think they are going to volunteer what happened, and I really don't have the kind of credits for a bribe.  These gamblers work for the Hutt."

The Gamorrean joined him at the railing, Charvt's big heavy green black arms even thicker than his lethan friend's, and spotted with at least half a dozen visible morrts, a furry parasite that were both status consider a status symbol and pets among his people.  Stroking one of the little creatures with a fat sausage like finger, he shrugged "You could always enter the tournament and win the ship."  Car'tulak laughed giving his friend that 'you can't be serious' look, but in response the Gamorrean just shrugged again, "Couldn't hurt, sure as hell safer than picking a fight when you don't know the score."

"What happened to the fierce Gamorrean my father always had to keep a reign on?" Car'tulak chided, "Since when are you the level headed one?"

"Since I got old" Charvt snorted.

"Enter the tournament huh?" Car'tulak shook his head as he got up to walk away.  He was a decent sabbac player, but he didn't figure he was tournament good.  "Come on let's get something to eat."

"Now you're talking"

Both of the large men sat back from their table and the carnage of the remains of their meal.  Several people nearby glanced over in reactions ranging from awe to disgust at the amount of food and drink the two had packed away.  The Gamorrean seemed to enjoy the reactions while Car'tulak mostly ignored them.  Car'tulak figured Charvt had learned to use the fact that most people saw his kind only as thugs and brutes.  However the lethan loathed being stared at, too often the color of his skin drew unwanted attention.  Lethan's were sought out for their attractive appearance and rare red skin, often by slavers who found them to fetch a high price.  Absently he ran his fingers along the badly scared side of his face.  He didn't have to worry about that as much anymore.   The swoop race accident had nearly claimed his life, only reason he even got put back together was somehow his father had come up with an unbelievable amount of credits.  Aunt Semia and Charvt figured it was cashing in to cash out.  Their opinion was the big pay out for the medical bills was just a way for Car'tulak's father to absolve himself of any further responsibility.  Car'tulak didn't buy it.  He'd been almost seventeen when the accident happened.  By twi'lek standards more than an adult, it just didn't fit.

"So why not?" Char pulled out his pipe and began stuffing it with this moss like substance, Car'tulak couldn't remember what it was call, just that the last time he had tried to smoke it he ended up in the med bay.

"Why not what?" Car responded lighting his own gabaki cigar looking over through the smoke at his companion.

"Enter the tournament of course, you're a damn good Sabacc player, I don't see any reason why not."

Car'tulak chuckled, "Two reasons, first I'm not that good, second and more importantly, I don't have 5000 cash credits for the entry fee."

The Gammorean smirked, as much as his kind could, tossing a credit chit case across the table and into the twi'lek's lap.  "Don't ask where I got it, and don't even think of trying to pay it back. I owe your dad from way back so we'll call this me getting square.  And for the record, you are that good."

Car'tulak looked from the case to his father's old friend and back several times before letting out a long sigh, "Char, what if I lose? That's a lot of money for either one of us."

The Gamorrean leaned in over the table close his dark eyes glaring at the younger man, his face taking on a grim cast, "Lose? Lose!?"  For a long moment it seemed as if Charvt was going to go on a tirade, but then he glanced from side to side slyly; then whispered "Well then we steal the bloody thing."

The both laughed out loud at that. But then Car'tulak sighed sitting back looking through the smoke across the table.

"In all seriousness, getting his ship back is just part of it.  Even if I win the tournament, or however we 'acquire' the ship, that isn't really going to tell us what happened to him.  Or how these vultures got their hands on the Folly."

"Yea I suppose that's true.  But this tournament is going to go on for a few days.  A little Corellian Brandy might help.  Folks always talk too much when their drunk.  Besides maybe there will be a woman in charge.  The women always love you." Charvt winked playfully at his younger companion.

"My luck she'd be a Hutt, and have a thing for chains and shackles."  Car'tulak remarked as he took a long swig from his ale.

* * * *

Charvt was closer to the mark than Car'tulak had been with assessing his Sabaac skills.  Two days into the tournament and he'd survived the elimination round robins twice.     Once the numbers dropped to a handful the real playing would begin.  The five thousand credits seemed excessive, but it included lodgings, food and even drinks.  Though Car'tulak imagined they might have been regretting the last two with how much he and his gamorrean 'bodyguard' were putting away.  Though he doubted that was going to draw as much attention as Charvt liked to joke.  There were bigger concerns at hand.  Three gambers had already been shot.  Two more had been killed in fights that broke out over dancing girls. Rumors flooded the clubs, cantinas and carnal dens around the outpost, all of which revolved around the so called 'mystery cargo'.  Whatever it was there were some very nasty people who wanted it and were willing to spill blood for it.

"What do you think it is?" Chavrt mused aloud as he idly watched a pair of Zabrak dancers undulate against each other on the stage below.

"How should I know?" Car'tulak was more distracted by the Sabaac deck he was playing with on their table.  That and he seldom found dancers particularly entertaining.  The fun was in the chase as much as the reward.  Dancers were for rent, anyone with credits could have them, and there was just no appeal to the young lethan in that.

"Well he was your father.  You must have had some idea what he was up to."

Car'tulak just shrugged, "Why would I? I'd been laid up in the med centre for the better part of six months.  And you know what he was like."

"Yea, true enough I suppose." The gamorrean absently rubbed his tusks as he puzzled over the whole situation.

"Besides," Car'tulak added, "he's been missing for more than ten years now, it's possible whoever put the cargo on board wasn't even him."

Charvt made a snorting noise that was the equivalent to a frustrated sigh.  Car'tulak knew how he felt.  They'd come here to get answers, and all they were really getting was more questions.   When not at the Sabaac tables the two of them had liquored up whoever they could that might have a clue about where the ship came from or what the cargo might be.  But so far the only one who likely knew was the mysterious host who had yet to make an appearance.
"We need to find out more about this host, at the moment everyone is assuming that it's a Hutt or someone who works for them, but we really don't know if that's true." Car'tulak continued playing Sabaac with himself to keep his head 'in the game' as his father use to say.

"Who else would be running something like this?" Charvt was much brighter than people often gave him credit for but he wasn't a patient being despite his long years.  Perhaps because of them, as a bouncer back on Nar Shadda's club scene he was use to being in the know.
Not two tables away in leaning back into the shadows afforded by the corner both in which they sat another party listen intently to the conversation.  A blue hand came up to quickly move the listening device to the side and hide it with a napkin as the waitress came up to the table.

"You sure that's all you want hun?" The curvy and scantily clad nautolan smiled leaning in offering an amble view of her overly large breasts struggling to escape her tiny outfit.

"Yes, thank you." While the words were polite the tone and the crimson eyes that looked up from beneath the hood spoke clearly of the being's annoyance.  Taking her credits for the drink the server moved away quickly to more hospitable and better tipping customers.

The figure leaned back adjusting the ear piece connected to their device, but as they moved to focus back on Car'tulak and Charvt, they were gone.  With smooth graceful movements the being extracted themselves from the booth heading for the door.  Out of the shadows a lithe but shapely female form walked with purpose through the crowd.  Her skin tight jumpsuit meant to give her clear movement, a heavy disruptor pistol strapped to one shapely thigh.  She had to find them again, she too was extremely curious about the mysterious host, and the cargo.  She however knew exactly what it was.  Her question was whether or not it was actually still there.

After two hours of searching the Chiss returned to her quarters cursing herself for managing to lose a two meter tall red twi'lek.  Pulling the hood from her head and should she tossed it on to the bed.  It had been blind luck that she happened to listen in at the right time to their conversation, but it had been the first break she had.  Over the last six years that cargo had been the bane of her existence.  Losing it once had cost her first her rank, then her commission when she failed to recover it, she barely managed to escape with her life.  The SIS no longer cared about it one way or the other, but for Jaakra it had become personal.  Glaring at herself in the room's dresser mirror she ran her fingers through her jet black hair.
"What the hell are you doing?" She berated herself, not for the first time. "So what if you find it? You think they are going to welcome you back with open arms?  Idiot." Stopping just short of punching the mirror to shatter her own reflection the former chiss agent headed for the refresher and a nice hot shower.

* * * *

Jaakran Sen

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Re: A little fan fiction
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 12:29:44 PM »

"I told you Car, I don't know anything. I'm just one of the table girls." Tangled in both the big lethan and his bed sheets the shapely human woman protested his indications that she was anything more than a dealer.

"Come on Na'reece," his purred, his skilled hands caressing over her skin. "You can tell me, I know you know who's running this thing."  Car'tulak had watched her for the last three days as the final elimination round played out on the casino floor.  She wasn't at all what she appeared.  Na'reece was too sharp too confident, there was no way some dealer girl eye candy just happened to catch that throwing knife meant for one of the players at the table.  No matter how much the establishment and Na'reece wanted to play it that way.

"I don't know, we were all just hired through a talent agency on Nar Shadda," she batted her big blue eyes at him and started trying to distract him with more carnal pleasure.  Little did she realize that he planned to use the same method to get what he wanted out of her.   Of course she still thought she had seduced him.

Car'tulak came out of the room buckling his gun belt back on pausing to secure his holsters to his legs grinning at Charvt who leaned impatiently with his arms cross just outside.

"Well?" the surly gamorrean asked.  He wasn't pleased with being banished from the room again.  While accommodations were provided they weren't luxurious, they'd had to share a room with two bunks.  Charvt had been forced to vacate when Car'tulak had called up saying he needed a little privacy.  It hadn't been the first time in the last week they'd been on the station.  Charvt didn't expect it to be the last.

"Not here, come on, let's go find somewhere noisy and pubic before she wakes up."  With that the big lethan was walking quickly away from the room.

"Did you drug her?" Charvt asked a bit concern.

"No." Car'tulak grinned broadly in a way that reminded the old gamorrean way too much of the boy's father and he just rolled his eyes.

"Stars, it's bloody genetic!" Charvt groaned. "You're as bad if not worse than he was."
Down in the hanger side cantina the two of them leaned over their drinks.  Like many as much trying to have a conversation over the slightly too loud music, and trying not to yell.  Charvt just shook his head half laughing half groaning as Car'tulak shared what he'd learned and a bit too much of how he learned it for the gamorran's liking.

"So it's not the Hutts?" Charvt was genuinely surprised, while he had found Hutts hiding their involvement when they could instead bask in the groveling of so many out of character.  It still never really occurred to him that they wouldn't be involved at all.

Car'tulak shook his head as he took another long drink finishing his second bottle of ale, and waving the empty at a waitress to summon another. "Nope, some ex-intelligence types gone into business for themselves."

"Huh, I guess now the question become who did they use to work for, and are they really as ex-intelligence as they say?" Charvt worried his tusks against his upper lip.

The big lethan shrugged, "Either way we should probably be ready to bail fast once we get our hands on the Folly."

* * * *

Jaakra carefully examined Na'reece's body.  The bites and small bruises left by the lethan's amorous attentions would cover any marks she'd left.  Quickly but efficiently she cleaned and put away her "information gathering" tools, snickering to herself at the memory of the name her former instructor gave such items.  Picking up her bag she took another look at the human woman, muscle spasms from the drug still made her body twitch, but that would stop in a few minutes.  She briefly considered just killing her right there and pinning it on the lethan, but dismissed it immediately.  While the twi'lek and his supposed bodyguard could potentially be a problem, they could also be an asset, or at least a distraction.  It would likely also be a hard frame, or at least an obvious one.  This lethan had many companions since he arrived, all of whom suffered little more than trouble walking and a few bruises.
Na'reece had apparently revealed the truth to this Car'tulak during their lovemaking, just as she had under Jaakra's drugs and pressure point torture.  Former intelligence agents were behind the tournament, though the chiss wondered to what end.  With over a hundred entrants each paying the five thousand credit fee, it was a lot of money...
That had to be it, they weren't running a scam, there was no hidden agenda, the half million was the payout, and a way to get rid of their hot cargo then vanish like smoke.  Clever, assuming the cargo was in fact what Jaakra believed it was.  With one last glance at the unconscious and twitching form of Na'reece the chiss made sure there was no traces left of her presence in the room and disappeared back into the ventilation ducts from whence she came.
She was just about to turn around so she could put the vent cover back in place when a vise like grip clamped onto her ankle.  Her gloved hands slipped and slid against the smooth sides of the shaft, as she was dragged out back into the room.  Just before she cleared the vent she managed to grab the lip.  A sudden yank nearly pulled her hip out of join, and then she went sailing across the room.  Bouncing off the far wall she tumbled coming up quickly to her feet her cut down carbine swing up.  She expected to see a wookie or barbel instead a very large familiar lethan stood glaring at her from behind the barrel of a blaster.  At that moment the pistols barrel seemed big enough for her to crawl inside.

"Damn," she whispered under her breath.  Her carbine was still only partially drawn from the holster on her back, and there was no way she was winning a physical fight with this monster.  Slowly and with exaggerated movements she let the carbine slide back into place and raised her hands up carefully.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn your head into a greasy stain on the wall behind you?"  The lethan's voice was unnervingly calm, almost a whisper his deep violet eyes were ice cold.
Most smugglers and gamblers she'd encountered through her career were a bit squeamish about killing.  Jaakra seriously doubted this one had any such reservations.  "They'll charge you extra for the clean up?"

Car'tulak smirked at the comment, she had nerve he'd give her that.  A quick glance and a nod from Charvt told him the other woman was alive, and relatively okay.  This may have had nothing to do with him.  Considering what Na'reece told him that was possible, but then again maybe it did.  Fixing his eyes on the chiss woman he sighed and holstered his weapon.
Jaakra quickly glanced from Car'tulak to Charvt to the door then back to Car'tulak again, her eyes drifting down to the twin custom blasters slung from his hips.

Car'tulak shook his head.  "Don't even think about it, unless you want to find out how fast I am with these."

She considered it for a moment, he was big but then again that didn't mean slow, maybe she could turn this whole situation to her advantage.  Getting shot was not going to help.  She gave a slight shrug and a resigned sigh.

"What were you doing in my room?" 

So use to lying, fabricating and stalling she was about to launch into an elaborate one when she stopped, even as her mouth opened to speak the most startling thought came to her,  tell the truth.

"I was here to see what she knew, and what she might have told you." Jaakra could hardly believe what she was doing, it seemed so wrong.  Telling the truth to anyone but a superior intelligence officer..of course she wasn't in SIS anymore.

"Fair enough, so who sent you?" This Car'tulak didn't sound like what she expected, even from listening to him from a distance she expected a thug who just happened to be good at Sabaac like an idiot savant.  But he had sharp eyes, he was watching more than what she said, he was reading her, and a bit too well for her liking.

"Myself, this is personal." Jaakra stated plainly, her eyes idly drifting.  Stars he was built, large muscular, and quite handsome despite the severe scarring on the one side of his face.  Then there was that large swell in the front of his…what the hell am I doing? Why am I staring at his crotch?  She quickly looked up trying to act like she was eyeing his blasters again.  The grin on his face told her he didn't buy it.

"So you snuck in here through the vent, drugged and interrogated Na'reece here for a personal vendetta? Against who," Car'tulak eyed her curiously as he lit a cigar giving her time to come up with an answer?

Now she was stuck, he wasn't sure if he was guessing what she had been up to based on the items the gamorrean was revealing as he searched her bag, or if somehow he knew.  All she really had were suspicions.  She wasn't sure the ex-intel operatives here were the one's she wanted, or if the cargo really was what she was looking for.

"What are you going to do, call security?" She quipped, knowing full well that it was more than likely he didn't want what passed for local security poking around anymore than she did.

"No, but I could just snap your neck and leave you in the vent shaft.  I figure with the maintenance cycle around here they might find you in a couple years. Or you could stop being a smart ass and tell me what you want." Car'tulak wasn't really in the mood to play games, he was mostly bluffing about stuffing her in the vent, mostly.

Jaakra eyed the large twi'lek, she could almost feel the seconds ticking by in her head as she trying to puzzle out the several issues rolling though her mind.  Would he actually off her or was he bluffing?  Did she really know anything or was she just hoping all the dots connected? Could she let these two in on it without compromising her mission? Did she really have a choice?

"Well?" Car'tulak took a long draw off his cigar, exhaling a lung full of sweet gabaki smoke in her direction.

"Okay look, I use to be SIS, back during the war there were some homes that got sacked.  Rich folks, but you know Republic loyalists.  One place had a ton of artwork and valuables, probably millions of credits worth." She saw the twi'lek's eyes light up at this, he glanced over at the gamorrean who seemed to be grinning.  "So about half a million credits worth of art went missing.  It was all suppose to go back to one of the Darth's in charge of the operation, but it didn't, and someone doctored the records."

Charvt said something in his native language that the Jaakra couldn't understand, then Car'tulak nodded, "Yea good point, so what does this have to do with you?"

"When the Darth in charge noticed something screwy he ordered an investigation, I guess 'cause I was there and not in on it I made a good scapegoat for the people that were.  I got lucking and got away before they caught me.  But I lost my rank and commission, now I'm a wanted fugitive.  Funny how during a war you can turn theft into treason."  When she finished Jaakra took a deep breath, she still couldn't really believe she was telling this smuggler and his porcine buddy all this.  Oddly though she felt like it a weight had been lifted.  She'd never told anyone before.

"That's quite the story little blue." Car'tulak took another draw off the cigar, still eyeing Jaakra as if trying to decide what to do.  "What do you think Chavrt?"

The gamorrean shrugged.

"So what's your name?" The lethan asked as he now turned to walk over to the small bar in the room starting to pour a couple drinks from the decanter on the counter.

"Jaakra Laysooni" she stated simply, not much point hiding anything now.

"Well I'm Car'tulak and my cheerful friend over there is Charvt.  Since you've been so honest we can perhaps share why we're here." As he introduced himself and his companion he walked back across the room and handed Jaakra one of the tumblers of whiskey.

Taking the drink she smirked," Well I figure you are here for the tournament, though haven't quite got your angle yet."

"It's not all that complicated, that ship is my father's and I want it back. Making some credits out of the deal wouldn't be a bad idea either." Car'tulak took a brief sip from his glass leaning casually against one of the room's dressers.  "Question is, what do you hope to get out of this, revenge? Not a very profitable venture."

Jaakra blinked a moment.  She hadn't really thought about what she was going to do after she found the people responsible.  There was no guarantee that even if she could prove anything that she could go back to her post.  Hell as far as she knew the Darth could have been behind the whole thing just to keep some credits out of site from his peers or the Dark Council.  Several moments passed as she thought about it.  Car'tulak simply sipped at his drink content to wait for her to come up with an answer.  After a few sips from her own glass she looked up at him again.

"I guess it was about revenge, maybe getting my old job back.  I got so focused on the hunt I didn't think about after."

Car'tulak smiled, "A third of five hundred thousand credits can buy a lot of 'after'"
For the briefest of moments Jaakra just stared at him; then narrowed her eyes "If you win the tournament."

"If not," Car'tulak shrugged "We just steal the bloody thing." Grinning from ear to ear he raised his glass in a odd salute, the gamorrean did the same with a bottle in his hand chuckling.
Jaakra shook her head, then shrugged slightly herself, "Why the hell not?"

In unison they drank on their arrangement.