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Author Topic: Boarder Patrol  (Read 5386 times)

Jaakran Sen

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Boarder Patrol
« on: February 08, 2013, 10:30:06 AM »

((my first attempt at Eve Fiction.))

Through the interface of his pod, and the sensors of the much larger Hookbill attack frigate beyond, Jaakran Sen saw the universe through the eyes of his machine.  Vivid and alive, so much more was going on than one could even fathom by looking up into the sky planet bound, or even from the window of a space station.  Overlaid with data the stars sparkled in infrared, x-rays, gamma bursts, clouds of gas and particle showers creating electron rainbows no normal human eye could ever see.  But through the sensors of his vessel his mind absorbed it all.

“Zeta  5, check in,” the voice came through snapping Jaakran out of his revelry as much in his mind and the images that distracted him.

“Zeta 5 all clear.”  For the thousandth time, he added without sharing it across the link.   

 Long range patrols like this were often quiet, though border skirmishes with the Gallente were common; space was big, even with tens of thousands of ships out there you could go for days, or longer without seeing anyone outside the squad.  Jaakran wasn’t all that eager for a fight really, just something to cut through the mindless hours of scanning space.  While he was trained combat pilot and a veteran of countless engagements, he was also tired.  The war had sucked all the joy out of flying, and the life out of far too many old friends.

War didn’t kill people anymore; it killed their bodies, and maybe their souls. Reborn to fight again people just burnt out, became hollow shells of what they once were.  He wondered if it would ever happen to him, cloned one too many times, just losing whatever it was beyond memories and chemicals that made Jaakran Sen, well Jaakran Sen.    Cloning tech was some of the most refined and trusted technology in known space, but did anyone care what it did to something intangible like a soul.  Jaak wasn’t even sure he believed in souls, but he wasn't sure he didn't believe either.

“Zeta 5, check in.”

“Zeta 5 all clear.” Had it been twenty minutes already? Jaak tried to focus on the patrol, on the data floating in his mind’s eye, but it just wasn't working.  A moment distraction would get him killed, he knew that, but even then, he’d just wake up in a vat with a migraine.

“Zeta 5! Alert! Incoming.  Five contacts, coming in hot!”

The warning was excessive; his sensors had picked up the Gallente ships as soon as they dropped out of warp.  They’d been on deep scan for a couple hours but once again space is really big.  He’d seen patrols chase each other’s sensor ghosts for hours before giving up and going home.  The fact that this group actually managed to land right on top of them was likely as much random chance as anything else. 

The Gallente ships were Tristans burning in fast to close range, the blasters they mounted had a high rate of fire but were really only good in close, under 5 klicks.  Jaak’s squad’s rocket launchers had over twice that range.  The targets lit up and his systems began locking on long before they were in weapons range.  Squad commands for focus fire scrolled across his screen, his mind directed the targeting systems to the flagged Tristan.  Then he watched the range tick down, it was funny how both groups hurled toward each other at over a thousand meters per second but in the fastness of space and the moment of conflict time seemed to slow to a crawl.

Under the first volley of rockets the lead Tristan’s defenses melted and its hull torn apart, the pilots pod ejected immediately fleeing the combat zone.  It and its pilot were no longer a concern.  The next target was already locked, but the remaining Tristans had opened fire.  Superheated metal and plasma slammed into Jaak’s Hookbill, the shields held for a few seconds but under the focused fire of the remaining four ships it wasn’t going to last.  He could feel the heat of their weapons melting his armor and hull as if it was burning into his own skin, the heat was bearable but only just.  Systems overloaded and crashed as he began to lose control of the ship.  Soon his own pod would fly free, and he too would make haste from the combat zone leaving the remaining pilots to decide the battle.  Just as jaak’s senses shifted from the failing systems of the Hookbill to the much less sophisticated sensors in his pod another pair of ships dropped out of warp; a pair of Galante Vexor Drone cruisers.    It was going to be close, they were launch drones, he could hear the commands from the squadron leader to break and run, two of the other Hookbills were already out of range being much faster than the enemy Tristan’s, of which only three remained of the five.

Jaak was plotting his jump coordinates when the target lock alarm went off, one of the drones was closing, in seconds he would have him, in seconds he would go to warp.  This was going to be close.  Five…four…three…two…
Blinding light, cold steel, his body convulsed as the vat liquid was ejected from his lungs.  Jaak squinted up at the tech in the station’s lab. 

“The rest of the squad?” he managed through gasps of air.

“Two are still loading in clones the other two managed to make it to warp.”

Jaak nodded and accepted the offered jump suit, getting dressed he headed for the mess hall.  He was sure he would never quite understand why he always cloned hungry.

Diego Fox

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Re: Boarder Patrol
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 03:00:18 PM »

Well done, Jaak!



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Re: Boarder Patrol
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2013, 03:56:18 PM »

nice one man!   and i loved that last part "why he was allways cloned hungry" poor, poor fella :P

NightCrawler 85

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Re: Boarder Patrol
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2013, 06:28:55 PM »

I like this one actually.. Has the right amount of.. sadness (thinking about the part were you/he question what loosing your clone actually do in the long run), with a touch of.. humor isent the right word.. maybe cold humor? A bit more careless that seems to almost be a theme in the books i have read like this (sometimes steal one of Zendas and read a couple of chapters).

Short version, i like it :)

Nevvyn sier:
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Jaakran Sen

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Re: Boarder Patrol
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2013, 06:48:19 PM »

Thanks folks :)

Hope to expand on this once I consume a bit more lore to get good feel for the atmosphere